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Tiffany Nelson


(509) 527-2328


NPUC Schools:
Auburn Adventist Academy
Orcas Christian School
Puget Sound Adventist Academy
Skagit Adventist Academy
Walla Walla Valley Academy

Out of Union:
Hawaiian Territory
Columbia Union
Southern California Territory
Southern Union - AL, MS, FL

Non-SDA Schools
Public Schools

Manuel Armesto


 (509) 527-2198


NPUC Schools:
Cascade Christian Academy
Livingstone Adventist Academy
Milo Adventist Academy
Rogue Valley Adventist Academy

Out of Union:
Atlantic Union
Canada Territory
Lake Union
Southwest Territory


Jacob Roney


(509) 527-2776


NPUC Schools:
Amazing Grace Academy
Gem State Adventist Academy
Portland Adventist Academy
Upper Columbia Academy

Out of Union:
Northern California Union
Mid-America territory
Southern Union - GA, NC, TN


Trevor Congleton 

Associate Vice President for Recruitment

(509) 527-2256


NPUC Schools:
Columbia Adventist Academy

Mindy Coleman

Guest Relations Coordinator

(509) 527-2875


NPUC Schools:
Mount Ellis Academy

Brandon Shadel

Graduate Enrollment Coordinator 

(509) 527-2290